Public Speaking as a Healthcare Marketing Tool

Sharing your hospital’s expertise through speaking engagements is a win-win proposition.

Through your website, your blog, your marketing and your networking, you are reinforcing your hospital’s brand credibility and name recognition. Public speaking engagements are another way to expand awareness and build your name as an expert in the field.

Actively seek opportunities for yourself, key executives or leading physicians in your organization to speak to groups at medical conferences, tradeshows and seminars. Consider, too, community events that draw your potential patients or referral sources. Consider the benefits:

  • Networking: This is a great way to build relationships and meet new people. Make sure to request the attendee contact list from conference organizers so you can follow up with them later.
  • Marketing: This is an easy way to market your hospital in a subtle way, simply by familiarity. Giving people a face, a name, and memorable story to remember can go a long way toward accomplishing that.
  • Credibility: Being a visible part of credible events in the medical community can lend additional credibility and respect to your message. Whenever possible, align yourself with events that directly correlate with your message or field of service. For example, the Atlanta rehabilitation hospital Shepherd Center hosts the Wheelchair Division of the annual Peachtree Road Race every year. While this is a special event rather than a speaking engagement, it underscores the importance of aligning with events that reinforce your brand position. The Wheelchair Division of the race attracts world-class disabled athletes every year, vibrantly underscoring the hospital’s message that there IS life after catastrophic injury.

Make sure your address is interesting, topical, and meets the time limits imposed. Be sure to target the content for the specific type of audience, depending on whether you are addressing a group of medical professionals, health care administrators, or lay people. Showcase your hospital’s most experienced and dynamic public speakers. Call on niche expertise that you or your colleagues have that could be of interest to others in the medical and health care fields. Are there high profile current events that your hospital has a unique perspective on or specific experience with? Share the information and open the dialog! Public speaking is one more great way to improve your hospital’s image and credibility, gain clients and showcase your expertise.