Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic From Search Engines

Simply being fabulous won’t make your site easy to find

You’ve worked meticulously to create a dynamic website, but if it’s not easily found in search engine rankings, you’re forfeiting some prime opportunities. Making sure your site ranks high in the right web searches is an art and science unto itself and should never be left to chance.
The good news is that many websites can be optimized for search engine placement with minor modifications. Begin by following these 4 simple tactics from Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, and you you can measurably increase traffic to your web site – maybe even by this afternoon!

1. Tag pages on your site: Make sure every page has an accurate and brief page title and title tag. Title tags are important because it tells both users and search engines the topic of a particular page , so make sure they are unique for each page. Normally, the title tag is what shows up in a search on Google. Make sure to use the same terms in your content that your target audience is likely to use in a search.

2. Meta Tags: A meta tag is a description of your page’s content. These tags give Google and other search engines a brief summary for your site. When you are writing these meta tags, make sure they concisely and compellingly describe what the reader will find at your site. These tags are sometimes used as descriptive snippets in search engine results.

3. URLs: Make sure your URL is simple and text driven. A URL with relevant words in it will show users exactly what they are about to click on, so forego cryptic letters or numbers and aim for clarity.

4. Navigation: Use clear, simple navigation links on your website so users can quickly find what they need. It’s usually best to use simple text for navigation titles because it is more difficult for Google to recognize Flash and other graphics.

While making your website search engine friendly is key to bringing in great prospects, never forget that, at the end of the day, the content still must pique the interest and imagination of real human beings. The more relevant and noteworthy it is, the more repeat visitors and shares your site will get.